Artist painting on canvas
Town of Riverview / Community / Arts and Culture / Art Procurement Program

Riverview's Art Procurement Program aims to improve the appearance of our public buildings, promote local talent and contribute to the economic success of artists in our community. 

The Town of Riverview invites local artists to submit their work for consideration in the 2018 Art Procurement Program (APP). The citizen-led APP jury will select and purchase artwork on the Town’s behalf to add to the Town’s art collection.

If you are considering submitting artwork, please review the APP Policy to ensure you have met  the requirements prior to making your submission. 

Artists next to their paintings in Council Chambers
Artwork selected in 2017.
L to R: Shannon Williams (artist), Alison Davidson (jury member), Mike Molnar (jury member), Lee Anne Gibson (artist), Mayor Ann Seamans, Kathy Sather (jury member) and Ruth Smith (artist).

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