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Doing Business

As part of the Greater Moncton region, Riverview is a prime location for doing business. The area is among the top locations for population and economic growth due to a positive business environment and ample available land use for new development.

Access to talented workers and a competitive cost environment are two keys to Riverview's economic success making Riverview a preferred destination for people moving into the Greater Moncton region.

Ranked in 2012 by KPMG as the most competitive cost environment in Canada, the Greater Moncton region boasts among the lowest operating costs in business centres in both Canada and the United States. According to the same Competitive Alternatives study, the Moncton area leads all Canadian cities in both the R&D (research and development) and corporate services sectors.

In recent years top companies have set up in Riverview to take advantage of this exciting business environment.

If you're thinking about expanding to New Brunswick and Greater Moncton, take a close look at Riverview. We're open for business.