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Codiac Transpo Survey

Riverview Town Council is considering new transit routes and schedules proposed by Codiac Transpo. Before making any decisions that could affect the 2016 budget, the Town of Riverview wants to hear from riders and non-riders to ensure the new routes are best serving the community's needs.  

Thank you for your feedback. The Codiac Transpo Survey is now closed. Staff will compile the results and make a recommendation to Council during the 2016 budget deliberations in October. 


The Town of Riverview owns two buses which operate on Route 80 and Route 81. The Town subsidizes 76% of the cost for transit services in Riverview. Revenue from passenger fares accounts for 24% of the total costs.

The new proposal by Codiac Transpo will offer five routes and require an investment of approximately $100,000 to cover new hours of operations and the addition of a shuttle service. 


There are a number of factors that Council has to consider when making a decision about the transit services in our community:

  • Do residents want routes that increase transit service in Riverview?
  • How much more are the taxpayers of Riverview willing to subsidize transit services?
  • How important is transit service to the business community in Riverview?
  • Is public transit an affordable public service in Riverview?
  • How will the new routes affect traffic flow?
  • Will increased frequency increase ridership or only maintain it?

Please review the proposed new routes before completing the survey. 

Servicing West Riverview

Current service

  • Route 81 Riverview - 1 hour frequency - West Riverview across the causeway to Downtown Moncton.
    Average daily passenger count: 230

Proposed service

  • Coverdale Route - 30 min. frequency - Downtown Moncton to Riverview Place. 
  • Sussex Route - 1 hour frequency - Whitepine, Pinewood, Lawson, Callowhill, Sussex and Trites to Riverview Place. This route services the retail district off Pinewood Road and connects with the Coverdale Route.
  • Yale Route  1 hour frequency - Two way service along Yale, Whitepine, Pinewood, Phillips and Coverdale to Riverview Place. This route services the retail district off Pinewood Road and connects with the Coverdale Route. 
  • The Yale and Sussex Routes will be seved by one bus from one route to the other. This bus will remain in Riverview. 

Servicing East Riverview

Current service

  • Route 80 Gunningsville - 30 min. frequency - Downtown Moncton to East Riverview.
    Average daily passenger count: 13

Proposed service

  • Hillsborough Route - 30 min. frequency - New taxi/shuttle service will operate a 30 minute route in East Riverview that will connect with the Coverdale Route bus at Pine Glen Road.
  • Combo Route - 1 hour frequency - Combination of Coverdale, Sussex and Yale Routes during non-peak hours.
  • All Proposed Routes