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Corporate Planning

Careful and detailed planning is required to ensure that Riverview remains one of the most livable communities in Canada. Here are some of the recent plans that have been approved and implemented by Riverview Town Council.

Strategic Plan

The Town of Riverview initiated a strategic planning process in 2016 to advance the organization's long-term objectives. Staff develop their work plans for the year based on the action items identified in the Strategic Plan. Status updates are provided to Council during public meetings at regular intervals throughout the year. 

Wellness Centre Feasibility Study

Town Council believes that it is now time to look at options for addressing recreation and wellness facility needs in the community. In preparation, Council directed the Wellness Centre Committee to conduct a feasibility study considering options for a new indoor facility that would meet current and future recreation needs.

Mill Creek Nature Park Plan

The master plan provides a framework for decisions related to the Mill Creek Nature Park land use and associated recreational/commercial activity.

Active Transportation Plan

Learn about what Riverview is doing to address the importance of active living and creating attractive streetscapes for all types of transportation activities.

Municipal Development Plan

More than two years of planning and public consultation resulted in a community-approved guide for future development in Riverview.