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Grants and Sponsorships

The Town of Riverview partners and invests in organizations, programs, projects and initiatives that contribute to achieving our community's goals and helps us advance towards Riverview's Vision

Eligible organizations can apply for funding through one of the following streams:

  • Grants
    Annual Grant program provides funding towards organization's programs, projects and operational expenses. The deadline to apply each year is Nov. 30. 
  • Sponsorships
    Funding requests in excess of $500 for event or tournament hosting, travel subsidies, in-kind assistance or facility discounts.
  • Donations
    Requests less than $500 for individual support, event support such as tickets, funding assistance or promotional items, in-kind assistance or facility discounts. 

View the Town of Riverview's Community Investment Policy

NOTE: Applicants must work from a saved copy of the PDF. Right-click anywhere on the form to "Save As."