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Operations Centre

The Town of Riverview is beginning construction of a new $16.6 million operations centre at 300 Robertson Street east of Gunningsville Boulevard.

On August 11, 2015, Mayor Ann Seamans, along with members of Council and town staff, celebrated the groundbreaking for a new building to replace the current public works garage and provide a functional workspace for the parks and facilities division. Read the announcement

Project: Construction of a 5345 square metre operations centre to serve as a central location for engineering and public works staff, and the parks and facilities division. The new centre will include administration space that meets all operational and safety standards and proper storage for the town's vehicle and equipment fleet valued at $8 million.

Establishing a new Operation Centre was identified as a strategic priority of the Town of Riverview in the 2013 Strategic Planning process. The funding plan for the new centre was approved as part of the Town of Riverview's 2015 budget. The facility is scheduled to open in October 2016. 

Challenges: At various times of year, the Town of Riverview uses a combination of 62 municipal staff members from the Departments of Engineering and Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Community Relations to operate and maintain the community's roads, trails, water and sewer network, utilities, parks and open spaces.

The current operations facilities on Pine Glen Road and Biggs Drive are undersized and in need of upgrading or replacement in order to meet modern building standards and community needs for the following reasons:

  • Undersized fleet maintenance facilities resulting in some vehicle/equipment services being performed outdoors in the yard
  • Outdated HVAC equipment at facilities resulting in poor climate control and air quality
  • Lack of adequate change, shower and locker facilities for male and female employees resulting in difficulty in maintaining work clothing and general hygiene
  • Lack of dry vehicle and equipment storage resulting in vehicles and equipment being exposed to the elements
  • Facilities are dated and would not meet current building code requirements
  • Inadequate site security
  • Facilities do not address accessibility access and use standards
  • Lack of suitable space for storage of hazardous and valuable materials
  • No ability to grow and meet future requirements for additional space or equipment to serve the community

Project Stats:

Main building -  5345 square meters (57,535 square feet)
Sand/salt shed - 1091 square meters (11,744 square feet)
Cold storage for construction materials- 758 square meters (8,159 square feet)

Project Costs:

Riverview Town Council approved expenditures for this project in the 2015 budget for a total cost of $16,575,000. Construction costs for the building were awarded to Foulem Construction in June 2015 for $13.3 million.


Director of Engineering and Public Works: Michel Ouellet (P.Eng.)
Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Relations: Gerry Cole
Architect: A consortium of Exp and RDH awarded contract in September, 2014
Construction/Project Manager: Foulem Construction awarded contact in June 2015