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Pet Licences

The Town of Riverview Animal Control By-Law requires all dogs and cats more than 130 days old to be licensed every year. A pet licence makes it easy for Animal Control to return your cat or dog to you and it tells strangers your pet is not a stray and needs to find his family.

Purchasing annual licence tags

Pet owners must present a valid rabies certificate for each pet with the exception of indoor cats. An "indoor cat" is defined in the by-law as a cat that never leaves the confines of its owner's residence. Although indoor cats must be licensed, a rabies certificate is not required. The Town of Riverview maintains a record of rabies certificates; if you have already presented your pet's certificate and it is still valid you do not need to show it again.

Pet licences must be renewed by January 31 each year. 

  • Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. from the Municipal Payments counter at Riverview Town Hall. 
  • Credit card payments can be made by phone if a valid rabies certificate is already on file: 506-387-2020.

Licences can also be purchased at any of the following locations (cash only):


$15 for a neutered/spayed cat or dog
$30 for a cat or dog that is intact