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Council Meetings

Town Council meetings are held in the Council Chambers at Riverview Town Hall. The Regular Council Meeting is held on the second Monday of the month and the Committee of the Whole Meeting is held on the fourth Monday of the month. When a meeting falls on a statutory holiday, the meeting takes place instead on the Tuesday of that week. 

Council minutes are posted when they have been approved by Council at the following Regular Council Meeting. In the interim, Council Highlights provide an unofficial record of the decisions Council has made at its most recent meeting. 

Note: During July and August, Council meets for the Regular Council Meeting only. 

Presenting at Town Council

Anyone wishing to make a presentation to Riverview Town Council is required to submit a Delegate Registration Form.

What is a Delegation?

A delegation is the formal term for an individual or group who appears before Council in order to:

  • make a presentation on a matter that is of broad interest and that falls within the jurisdiction of the Town;
  • enter a request for action
  • register a complaint
  • initiate interest or guidance to a solution for an item of public concern;
  • bring Council up to date on a project, idea, or concept; or
  • provide further information on an issue currently before the Council for a decision.
  • View more information: Guidelines for Appearing as a Delegate.