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Bike Lanes

Riverview's first bike lanes were installed in July, 2013. Learn more about the bike routes and sharing the road by consulting the Town of Riverview's bike lane.

What is a reserved bike lane?

A bike lane is a dedicated portion of the roadway for use by cyclists.

What does a bike lane look like?

A bike lane looks like a lane separated from traffic lanes by the use of a solid white line on the pavement and typically measures a minimum of 1.5 m in width. Repeated within the lane are large white bicycle and diamond pavement markings.

Why use bike lanes?

Bike lanes make most people feel safer about cycling on town streets. Bike lanes help create order, cutting down on weaving and making streets safer for bikes and cars.

Where are the bike lanes?

The Town of Riverview has placed many bike lanes throughout the town! For more information on the whereabouts of the bike lanes click here and trails.