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Fire Escape Planning

You can protect yourself and your family by preparing and practising a home fire escape plan. It only takes a few minutes of time - but it can prevent panic in case of fire.

Make a Plan

  • Draw a floor plan of your home to show every possible exit from every room. Each room should have a main, and an alternate exit.
  • Make sure your family knows that they should leave the house immediately if they hear the smoke alarm going off or hear someone shouting "fire!"
  • Set up a meeting place outside your home in case of fire. This will ensure that you know who is out of the building, and who is still inside. In case of fire, everyone should agree to gather at this meeting place.
  • Make sure someone calls the fire department once they have escaped from the building.
  • Send a family member to meet the firefighters when they arrive in case they need information on the fire or on family members.
  • Make certain no one re-enters the burning building. Firefighters are specially trained and equipped to perform rescue operations.
  • Print your Home Escape Plan template.

Practise Your Escape Plan

Practice prevents panic! Children will follow a fire drill if they have been prepared ahead of time. Make sure every family member, including your babysitter, knows what to do in an emergency and is familiar with your fire escape plan.

Get Out Safe

  • In case of fire, feel doors before opening them. Do not open them if the door is hot - use an alternate route
  • Install and maintain smoke alarms on every floor of your house and test them regularly. They will give you a few extra minutes warning that can mean the difference between life and death in case of fire.
  • Crouch or crawl through a smoke-filled area. The freshest air is closest to the floor. Practise your escape plan on your hands and knees.
  • If you live in an apartment building, develop an escape plan according to the fire escape procedures outlined by the building's management.
  • Family members requiring help to escape should be assigned a partner in case of fire.