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Spring Safety

While you're spring cleaning, remember these tips to keep your home fire safe.

Around the house

  • Make sure your address numbers are up and visible from the street.
  • Check outdoor electrical outlets and other electrical appliances for animal nests and to ensure proper wiring.
  • Remove leaves and trash from carports and garages: Combustible materials are dangerous if they are exposed to heated automobile components, especially under the vehicle.
  • Clean up and properly store paints, pool and yard chemicals.
  • Check fuels containers for leaks and make sure they are properly stored.

BBQ Tips

  • All barbeque grills must only be used outdoors. Using grills indoors or in enclosed spaces is not only a fire hazard, but it exposes occupants to toxic gasses and potential asphyxiation.
  • Always position the grill well away from combustible objects. Buildings, fences, deck railings and landscaping can easily and quickly ignite.
  • Get your grill cleaned and serviced. Check all propane tanks and lines for leaks and damage.
  • Never leave a lit grill unattended.
  • Periodically remove grease build-up in catch trays to prevent it from igniting.

For more tips check this page from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs: