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Places of Worship

Riverview is home to many churches and places of worship. The current list is organized by denomination. Changes may be submitted using the Website Feedback Form located at the bottom of this page.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
5 Fatima Drive, 386-6178

Coverdale United Church

1174 Coverdale Road, 372-4746

Bethel Presbyterian Church
600 Coverdale Road, 386-6254

Gunningsville United Baptist Church

160 Old Coach Rd, 386-3530

Church of Christ
365 Pine Glen Rd, 852-0919 

Lower Coverdale Baptist 

1121 Rte 114, 387-2900

Jehovah's Witnesses
330 Pine Glen Rd, 386-4944 

St. Paul's United Church 
404 Cleveland Ave, 386-3335 

Providence Reformed Baptist Church
105 Howard St, 386-7722 

Trinity United Church 
85 Old Coach Road, 386-3277 

Riverview Baptist Church
301 Philip Rd, 387-3017 

River of Life Church 
701 Coverdale Road, 387-7470

St John The Baptist Anglican Church 
28 Woolridge St, 386-7431

Victory Life Centre 
35 Runneymeade Rd, 387-8556
Whitepine Baptist Church
153 Canusa Drive, 386-2609 


Apostolic Light House United Pentecostal
332 Bayley Road, 384-2481