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Bookings & Rentals

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Relations (P&R) is responsible for the rental of recreational facilities, sports fields, the arena and gymnasiums.

The following is a list of facilities available. For rental inquiries please contact us.

Anne Othen, 387-2060 or [email protected]

  • Byron Dobson Arena
  • soccer fields
  • softball/baseball fields
  • P&R boardroom
  • Riverview Community Hall (145A Lakeside Drive) 
  • Riverview Skatepark & Youth Centre 
  • school gyms and facilities

Brian Frontain, 387-2037 or [email protected]

  • Coverdale Centre
  • Bridgedale Community Centre

Rita Gauvin, 387-2210 or [email protected]

387-2040 or [email protected] 

  • Pat Crossman Memorial Aquatic Centre