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Bridedale Centre Play Area

Concept of Bridgedale Centre Play Area

During the 2016 budget preparations, Town Council approved an expenditure for the redevelopment of the Bridgedale Centre play area. In April, the Town of Riverview engaged residents in this neighbourhoods through scheduled open houses to get their feedback on what was required to enhance the playability and function of this play space. The results of this process was integrated into the playground's final design.

Residents of the Bridgedale Centre area requested amenities such as seating, bike rack, swing set, and general landscaping improvements, however with the emphasis being on redeveloping the site, residents' requests were for new traditional play equipment, improved access to the site, a barrier from the adjacent parking lot, a sun shelter, a gravity rail (which is a modified track slide in a round configuration instead of the traditional straight line configuration), and some minor modifications to the existing basketball courts.

All of these requests will be accommodated during the summer of 2016.  

Stay tuned for updates and photos of the finished playground!