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Byron Dobson Memorial Arena

With the new renovations of our two-pad arena completed, you can now enjoy the fresh look of an old favourite. The Byron Dobson Arena now sports six new dressing rooms, new public washrooms, four renovated dressing rooms, wheelchair accessibility to all levels and a mezzanine room with a canteen overlooking both rinks.

The arena is located at 90 Biggs Drive across from the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Relations main office.

Skating Schedule 2014-2015

March Break 2015 Skating Schedule

Skating rules

  • No pushing, shoving, sitting on side boards, racing of any kind.
  • Pylon area is strictly for younger and inexperienced skaters. Children learning to skate with parents should remain within designated pylon area.
  • Any inapproriate behavior or language is strictly prohibited.
  • No skating backwards, all skaters must skate in the direction of the "flow." Public Skates and Child Skates are not the time for figure skaters to practice.
  • All objects such as pucks, hockey sticks, strollers, sleds etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • No food or drink allowed on the ice. Absolutely no boots are allowed on the surface.
  • All children under the age of 13 must wear a helmet. Adults are not permitted on the ice during child skate sessions, unless their child is in need of assistance. In this case, the adult must stay with that child one-on-one at all times.