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Isaac's Run Dog Park 

Come and enjoy the new facilities at the end of Biggs Drive behind the Tennis Courts. Let your dog stretch his legs and make new friends at Isaac's Run Dog Park.

There are large and small dog spaces with water troughs to keep pup happy. Advertising is available at this site. Please contact 387-2024  for details. 

Dog Park Rules

Dog owners are liable for the behaviour of their dogs at the park. The Town of Riverview accepts no liability or responsibility for injuries occurring in the park.

  • Handlers must scoop up and dispose of dog feces.
  • Handlers must keep a close eye on dogs and watch for bad behaviour. If the dog becomes too aggressive, he must be removed from dog park immediately.
  • Any dog with a known history of dangerous behaviour is prohibited.
  • Handlers must stay inside fenced area with their dogs at all times.
  • Please leash and unleash in the gated entrance area.
  • No children under 12 years of age are permitted inside the fence.
  • All dogs must wear a collar with ID.
  • No pronged or spiked collars allowed.
  • Limit of two dogs per handler.
  • No female dogs in heat. Dogs must be older than four months to safely play inside the park.
  • Eating and smoking is prohibited inside the fence.
  • Digging holes must be stopped and holes filled by handler, as these could become dangerous for other dogs and people.
  • No treats or toys.
  • Dogs must have current vaccinations.