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Green Gym

What a great alternative to an indoor fitness facility, with exercise equipment designed for adults / seniors, and is serious workout gear tough enough to be left outside all year-round. The machines are made specifically for ages 12 and up (adult supervision required under the age of 16 yrs.).

Please note: This is NOT a Children's Playground and should not be used by anyone under the age of 12 years. The equipment can be accessed from utilizing the trail system or by parking in the Superstore parking lot and then walking on the trail. Please do not park on the trail or along the access ramp to the causeway.

The machines:
Air Walker; Elliptical; Rowing Machine & various weight-training stations are extremely rugged versions of their indoor counterpart which will be strategically placed along the trail adjacent to the Superstore.

The Riverview Green Gym Park will provide a great opportunity for all community members to enjoy fitness & healthy active living for FREE!