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Patricia Drive Playground

Concept of Patricia Drive Playground

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During the 2016 budget preparations, Town Council approved an expenditure for the redevelopment of the Bridgedale Centre play area. In April, the Town of Riverview engaged residents in this neighbourhood through scheduled open houses to get their feedback on what was required to enhance the playability and function of this play space. The results of this process was integrated into the playground's final design.

Residents of the Patricia Drive area liked the existing play equipment, however they suggested the addition of a swing set, seating, a bike rack, some general landscaping to include a grassed area and tree planting, and a low intensity light set into the playground. They wished to have most of the site left as is, given its current uses. 

All of these requests will be accommodated during the summer of 2016.  

Stay tuned for updates and photos of the finished playground!