Town of Riverview / News / Council Highlights – March 8, 2021

Council Highlights – March 8, 2021

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of public meetings to help residents, businesses and stakeholders understand the decisions that affect their community. For the official record of Council Meetings, please refer to the adopted minutes, which are posted for each meeting once approved at the next Regular Council Meeting. Consult this meeting's agenda to view files mentioned in the Council Highlights. 

Regular Council Meeting – March 8, 2021

Adoption of the Minutes 

  • Regular Council Meeting – February 8, 2021
  • Committee of the Whole – February 22, 2021

Recommendations from Committee of the Whole

-  Approval of Information Technology position

  • Council endorsed the decision to utilize the unallocated funds in the 2021 operating budget to create an Information Technology position.

- Proposed Pine Glen/Pinewood Roundabout 

  • Council voted to continue the process to construct a roundabout at the intersection of Pinewood and Pine Glen and that the Director bring back to Council for approval at the 2022 budget deliberations a revised transportation services capital budget so that the overall budget allocation for this section remains the same.

- COVID Safe Restart Program - Phase 3

  • Council voted to accept the staff recommendation to use the funding from the Province under the COVID Safe Restart program to fund the Capital Plan, and specifically, to transfer the full amount of $1,067,641.78 into the General Capital Reserve Fund.


First reading of by-laws to be enacted at the next Regular Council Meeting:

  • By-Law 100-6, A By-Law Relating to the Corporate Seal of the Town of Riverview
  • By-Law 100-15-10, A By-Law Relating to the Payment of Annual Salaries to the Mayor and Councillors of the Town of Riverview
  • By-Law 200-30-03, A By-Law Relating to the Repeal of By-Laws of the Town of Riverview
  • By-Law 300-25-23, A By-Law Relating to Local Improvements in the Town of Riverview - Montgomery Avenue (Whitepine to Fairfax)
  • By-Law 300-25-24, A By-Law Relating to Local Improvements in the Town of Riverview (Toth Street)

New Business

Greater Moncton Homelessness Steering Committee - Consideration of Appointment

  • Council voted to appoint a member of Council following the May Municipal Election to sit on the board of the Greater Moncton Homelessness Community Advisory Board and to participate in any of their sub-committees as identified by the Advisory Board.

Codiac Transpo Proposal for additional service during the 2021 causeway closure

  • Council approved the new route options, including the Park and Ride system.
  • The two buses owned by the Town of Riverview will be utilized Monday to Friday with one bus continuing to provide the current weekend service. Details regarding the Codiac Transpo Proposal for additional service include
  • Three bus routes servicing Riverview during the causeway closure, Monday to Friday
  • One route will provide East to West service area coverage during peak hours that has not existed in the past. The 85 Riverview Connector will operate strictly in Riverview during the morning and afternoon rush hours. Passengers boarding in East Riverview who wish to disembark at businesses in West Riverview, and vice versa, can stay on board the same bus with no need to transfer.Passengers who require transport to Moncton will transfer to bus route 86 Riverview Park and Ride Express bus.
  • Transfer connections to the 86 Park and Ride bus will occur at 2 locations:
    • Proposed Park and Ride location at Pine Glen and Whitepine
    • Connection is also available at Riverview Place. The #86 will be routed to this location before traveling to the Park and Ride location. This will accommodate current passengers travelling to work at Riverview Place.     
  • One bus will provide service to two different routes. The #81 Riverview will resume the present daily routing after the morning and afternoon rush hours, once the #85 terminates.
  • East Riverview residents will be provided service on route #85; East Riverview will recover service trips similar to what was offered prior to the pandemic.
  • Saturday schedule will remain the same as what is currently in place, with one bus servicing all of Riverview.
  • Sunday schedule will remain served by one bus.
  • Due to the unknown traffic patterns / congestion, this plan permits sufficient time for the #86 Park and Ride route to travel back and forth between Riverview and Moncton.
  • Passenger loads and traffic congestion will be monitored constantly in case adjustments are required.
  • Service to Crystal Drive will be maintained except for one trip at 19:20 weeknights due to one bus serving two routes.
  • Passenger seating capacity may be affected due to provincial COVID-19 guidelines and recovery level status.
  • All buses are equipped with bike racks and are viable options for customers that may consider using bicycles as part of their travel plan.
  • A Riverview communications plan will be developed of the planned transit service, active transportation and other options to encourage citizens to make their own plans.

Award of Tender 21-01

Council awarded Tender 21-01, Asphalt Concrete Patching - Utility and General - Various Street to MacDonald Paving and Construction, a division of Miller Paving Limited in the amount of $320,200.00 plus HST.

Award of Tender 21-03

Council awarded Tender 21-03, Specifications for Traffic Lane Markings - Various Streets to Stripe Works Ltd. in the amount of $43,615.54 plus HST.

Award of Request for Quotation - 21-04

Council awarded the Request for Quotation 21-04 for Supply and Delivery of Crushed Rock to Dexter Construction Company Limited in the amount of $74,600 plus HST.

Award of Tender 21-68B

Council awarded Tender 21-68B for the Supply and Installation Dump Body/Spreader and Plow Equipment to Applied Pressure Inc. in the amount of $157,500.00 plus HST.

Award of Tender 21-70

That Riverview Town Council award Tender 21-70, One (1) Articulated Sidewalk Snow Removal Tractor to MacFarlands Limited in the amount of $149,176.00 plus HST.

Next Meeting 

Council will next meet for a Public Hearing on March 22, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. followed by Committee of the Whole and a Special Council Meeting. The meetings will also be live-streamed on our website. Visit www.townofriverview.ca/council to view the recording and to find the agenda the Thursday prior to the meeting. For more information, contact clerk@townofriverview.ca or 506-387-2136.


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