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New pedestrian half-signal crossing to be installed on Hillsborough Road

[RIVERVIEW, NB] – The Town of Riverview wishes to advise the public that a new pedestrian half-signal will be installed on Hillsborough Road at Leonard Street on Wednesday, January 13 or Thursday, January 14, weather permitting.

The new pedestrian half-signal will replace the existing illuminated pedestrian crosswalk and will include traffic signals for vehicles on Hillsborough Road and pedestrian signals for people wishing to cross.

Half-signals stay green until a button is pressed, then switch to amber and red, like a regular traffic light, bringing cars to a full stop. The person crossing is then signalled with a "walk" sign.

The change will allow pedestrians to cross Hillsborough Road, which can be a challenge as the road has four lanes of traffic with the added eastbound merge lane in 2019. The Town recently adopted a Crosswalk Treatment Selection Guideline and the upgrades will bring this crosswalk in compliance with the Guideline.

Signage indicating a new traffic signal ahead will be placed on Hillsborough Road as will stop bars indicating to motorists where to stop and placards placed on the poles showing pedestrians how to activate the signals.

Town of Riverview Director of Engineering Michel Ouellet said, “This change will allow pedestrians to more safely cross one of the busiest roads in Town. I am very pleased to see the upgrades and happy to be working with a Council that continues to proactively promote active transportation and pedestrian safety.”


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