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Riverview’s Bridgedale Boulevard opens to the public

RIVERVIEW (N.B.) – Riverview’s Bridgedale Boulevard is now open to the public.

“This an important project for the Town of Riverview in an effort to lighten traffic congestion that our community will experience during the planned closure of the causeway in May 2021,” says Riverview Mayor Ann Seamans.

Construction of the 1.6-kilometre roadway linking Runneymeade Road and Gunningsville Boulevard began April 8, 2020. The project includes roundabout connections at both ends of Bridgedale Boulevard.

“Roundabouts offer many benefits over traditional signalized and stop controlled intersections,” says Mayor Seamans. “For example, since there are no stop signs or traffic signals, traffic is able to move slowly around the circle, meaning less delay and less vehicular queueing, more consistent traffic flow.”

In 2019, Riverview Town Council approved phase one of the Bridgedale Boulevard project, which included construction of the boulevard as well as further development of Mill Creek Nature Park and continuing road infrastructure upgrades and renewals.

In December of 2017, the federal and provincial government announced a $62-million dollar restoration project that would involve building a new, steel girder bridge over the Petitcodiac River to replace the existing causeway, while dismantling current gate structures to realign and widen the river channel. Construction will result in a six-month closure period starting in May 2021, affecting more than 27,000 residents travelling to and from work, as well as the local business community. In an attempt to alleviate congestion due to the closure, the Town of Riverview embarked on significant improvements to its second crossing point, otherwise known as the Gunningsville Bridge, including the Bridgedale Boulevard project.

For more information about the project, including information about roundabouts and tips for their use, click here

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