Town of Riverview / Form / Invite Mayor Andrew J. LeBlanc to an Event

Mayor LeBlanc is pleased to attend special events, ceremonies, and celebrations throughout the Town of Riverview. If you would like to invite Mayor LeBlanc to attend an event, please complete the form below. Once your invitation has been viewed by the Mayor's office, expect a response indicating if he is able to attend.

Please be advised that due to community demands on Mayor LeBlanc's schedule, we request a minimum of three weeks between the receipt of this invitation and the date of the event if possible.

(Please provide proper name)
Event Schedule
(Greetings, sod turning, serving food, etc.)
Full name, title
(Necessary in case of emergency or other day of event scenarios)
(You must provide clear details about your event/organization, e.g. interesting facts, history, achievements, membership, statistics that may be useful for the Mayor/Councillor in bringing greetings to this audience.)
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