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Three Town of Riverview employees and Mayor Andrew LeBlanc are standing physically distanced in Council Chambers. The staff members are holding pins and certificates of recognition.

Pictured from left to right: Michael Homer, Haley MacAlpine, Mayor Andrew J. LeBlanc and David Shea.

2021 Years of Service Awards

At the end of each year, we recognize and thank employees who have reached milestones in their careers with the Town of Riverview. Whether it's a tenure of five years or 30, our employees' daily contributions of talent and energy make our organization strong.

Those celebrating in 2021 include:

5 years of service:

David Shea

Tyler Rossiter

Starsky Reid

David Priest

Amy McLaughlin

Haley MacAlpine

Jeffrey Kinnear

Michael Homer

Andrew Henry

10 years of service:

Jordan Lutes

15 years of service:

Anthony West

Paulette Tingley

Matthew MacPherson

Andrew Hines

25 years of service:

Harlan Steeves

30 years of service:

Robert Roy


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