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Business Spotlight: BeckTek

As we become increasingly more connected and dependent on the use of technology, the need to operate securely has taken on a great sense of urgency. Systems, networks and mobile devices are only a few of the digital realms vulnerable to a potential cybersecurity breach, and ensuring individuals and organizations are protected against these forms of attack is critical. Known for accessing, changing and even destroying sensitive data, cyberthreats can range anywhere from identify theft and extortion, to system damages and data leaks. 

While the cybersecurity sector continues to show rapid growth, the possibility of falling victim to a cyberattack is still very much a reality. With the amount and degree of cyberthreats increasing each year, it is essential that businesses have a process in place to identify, protect and recover from a possible cyberattack. Recognizing the need for action, New Brunswick became the first province in Canada to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity and cyber innovation strategy, and with leading researchers, academics and global businesses like IBM, New Brunswick is able to provide a cybersecurity network unlike any other. But did you know that this type of leading expertise is also available in our very own backyard? 

BeckTek offers professional IT support services in the form of technology management, data backup and recovery, business phone services, and advanced security solutions. Known for being an expert in the field of cybersecurity, Scott Beck has successfully operated an award-winning technology management firm since 2004 where he services clients throughout Greater Moncton and beyond. When Scott is not being asked to speak at several leading conferences and distinguished institutions such as Harvard Club of Boston and NASDAQ, he is working on the launch of his third book which will provide business owners with the information they need to survive in today’s connected society. Most recently, Scott was one of 10 experts across North America chosen to participate in a documentary on the topic of cyber security scheduled to air on Amazon Prime. As his business continues to grow, Scott insists that operating in the Town of Riverview gives him access to all the necessary amenities without the pressure of a larger city centre. Learn more

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