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Business Spotlight: Beltone

The ability to hear clearly not only empowers us to live life without limitation but also enables us as individuals to socialize and communicate. There are many unique notes of sound that make up everyday life, from children laughing to Mother Nature’s soft and subtle hum, and for many of us this sound no longer exists in the same capacity that is known and loved. Thankfully, with years of research and breakthrough innovation, hearing aid technology has made leaps and bounds in creating a world of intrinsic, unparalleled sound.

Beltone Hearing Aids are celebrated for their award-winning solutions and innovative technology that holds the ability to mimic natural hearing. Beltone not only offers state-of-the-art hearing aid products and services, they also offer custom ear plugs, complimentary testing, trial periods and at-home visits for those with limited mobility. With direct streaming and rechargeable batteries, modern-day hearing equipment has come a long way since their bulky and bold predecessors. As the only hearing health provider in the Town of Riverview, we are happy to announce that Beltone Better Hearing will be bringing these groundbreaking offerings to a permanent location at 630 Pinewood Road.

Having been born and raised in the Town of Riverview, Colleen McGarrity couldn’t imagine having her business anywhere else. Growing up, Colleen witnessed hearing loss with her grandfather whose hearing aids were never serviced, eventually rendering them unusable. From that moment on, Colleen decided to dedicate her career to caring and servicing those that suffer from impaired hearing, and immersed herself fully in the field of audiology. Colleen began by offering in-home care as a hearing specialist to those in rural communities and now operates a location of her own in the community that she loves.

Colleen often refers to the Town of Riverview as the perfect place to start a business due to its hometown feel, customer friendliness and a business community recognized for their willingness to help small businesses succeed. Beltone Better Hearing has been a family-owned and operated business for years and Colleen hopes to demonstrate that same sense of care and connectivity to her customers in town. In the coming years, McGarrity plans to keep servicing the Greater Moncton communities and to expand their team to one day reach more people in remote areas. Learn More

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