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Town of Riverview / News / Business Spotlight: Chocolate River Farmer's Market

Business Spotlight: Chocolate River Farmer's Market

Widely-known for bringing producers and artisans together in representation of local crop and talent, farmers markets act as a low-barrier entry point for various small businesses within a community. These unique gatherings allow producers to turn their passion and livelihood into a profitable business, all while promoting the overall health and well-being of its surrounding neighbourhood. Fresh produce, hand-crafted trinkets and a sense of community are only a few of the things found at these markets, beyond a reduced ecological footprint. Seeing a need for such a gathering, Kelsie-Ann Caissie and Tosh Taylor of Lady Boss Collective Events, decided to pursue their idea of bringing a mid-week market to the Town of Riverview.

The Chocolate River Farmers Market operates weekly 4-7 p.m. June through August in front of Town Hall and pops up inside Riverview Community Hall (145A Lakeside Dr) during Town of Riverview fall and winter events, showcasing between 15 and 30 vendors of specialty produce, ethnic foods, craft, fine jewellery, clothing and so much more. As a popular destination on Wednesday evenings, the market attracts residents of all ages with the promise of many offerings from local craftspeople and agriculturists. With both an indoor and outdoor location, Lady Boss Collective Events are able to offer a centralized, accessible marketplace that can accommodate seasonal weather changes while still bringing fresh and flavourful pickings to your doorstep. When asked why they chose to locate in the Town of Riverview, Kelsie-Ann and Tosh spoke of a supportive, cozy community that’s the ideal size to house a market of this scale. Kelsie-Ann and Tosh also choose to raise their young and active families in the Town of Riverview due to safe and clean neighbourhoods, an active trail system and ongoing family-friendly activities.

The Town’s integrated community sustainability plan was created in pursuit of a future that would sustain generations to come. Through agricultural awareness and preservation, the Chocolate River Farmers Market works in support of this greater vision, much like many of the Town’s businesses and residents. With the help of an Envision Riverview micro-grant, the Chocolate River Farmer’s Market quickly became a reality and opened its doors to the public. Learn More

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