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Business Spotlight: JusFit

Living life to the fullest is something that can be found on everyone’s bucket list. Aside from maintaining a consistently clean bill of health, physical and mental well-being has been proven to lead to happier and healthier communities. With over 20 parks and playgrounds, and 80 kilometers of walking and cycling trails, it is next to impossible for Riverview residents to live a sedentary lifestyle – and we love that about ourselves. Our community is made up of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts that understand the importance of getting up and getting out, all while taking full advantage of their environmental surroundings.

For those who prefer a more stable terrain that isn’t dependent on daily weather conditions, there are other means and methods of being active in Town. Indoor fitness centres act as community health hubs that bring people and best practice together. With a variety of commercial-quality equipment and certified instructors, fitness centres provide a safe, clean and controlled environment to be active. These centres can be seen as a one-stop-shop that provides a list of group classes for various levels of fitness, preference and personality. Meditative classes that relieve stress and induce serenity can also be found on the list, making these activity centres a great way to ramp up your routine or relax occasional restlessness.  

JusFit is a premier community fitness, training and health centre that is committed to offering personalized service to those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Offering a complete line of cardiovascular and circuit equipment, free weights, yoga and an aerobic studio, JusFit is a great location to meet your goals while becoming part of a growing fitness community. Having managed a larger recreation complex in the past, kinesiology major and co-owner Julie Solbak always dreamed of owning a smaller facility that could put people and community at the core of what they do. Together with co-owner Kevin Solbak, the team at JusFit pride themselves on being able to offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for different ages and activity levels.

Aside from running a business, Julie and Kevin spend their time volunteering in their community – a community that is now home to their family of five. While explaining why the Town of Riverview has been such an ideal location for running a business, they spoke to the outpour of support from fellow business owners, neighbors and loyal customer base while making note of a community that takes active living as literally as they do. Learn More

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