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Business Spotlight: Royal Thai

Thai cuisine has been long appreciated for its elegance in presentation and attention to detail; texture, colour and visual appeal are only few of the elements deemed essential during the creation of each plated dish, which is always harmoniously pulled together to delight the five senses. An ensemble of flavour from Thailand’s major regions, Thai cuisine is traditionally infused with hints of lemongrass, ginger and crushed chilies presenting themselves in an array of soups, noodle dishes and handcrafted rolls.

With a growing demand for authentic and ethnic cuisine, finding a culinary artist that can bring you on an emotional journey to the food’s original birthplace is not an uncommon pursuit. What is uncommon is finding authenticity in a country that is 11,604 km away from its culinary origin. Luckily for the Town of Riverview, experiencing the true flavours of Thai cuisine is just around the corner.

Royal Thai Restaurant, which has recently opened in the Town of Riverview, brings over thirteen years of experience within the food industry and a positive reputation to boast. Referred to as one the area’s best kept secrets, the Royal Thai Restaurant has been serving the Greater Moncton area since 2013. Ensuring the quality of each ingredient, owners Don Collette and Jumpar Tuspong source local when possible and keep their menu free of unhealthy additives and preservatives; organic coconut oil, pink Himalayan salt and natural stevia are staples in the Royal Thai pantry, delivering on their promise to be both authentic and health-conscious.

Since moving to their new location on Pine Glen Road, the owners have already witnessed a significant growth in sales, a spike in their existing customer base and are discussing expanding their existing operation to accommodate more seating. Plans for additional tables and an area for live entertainment are just the beginning. For owners Don and Jumpar location is key, and with a venue that offers accessibility, ample parking and a plethora of local support Don and Jumpar are certain they've found the recipe for success. Learn More

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