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Community at its Core – Riverview Guardian Pharmacy Celebrates 15 years of Service

Owner and Pharmacist, Jonathan Walsh, Shares His Prescription for Success 

From humble beginnings in his first job as a cashier at a pharmacy, to owning a successful pharmacy business in Riverview, Jonathan Walsh has learned that community is everything when growing your business. 

“Working as a cashier at a pharmacy from a young age, I saw the opportunity to combine my passions for healthcare and owning a business,” he explained. “I started out in the franchise model but ended up wanting to take a different approach – one that put patients first. Because of this, my team and I can connect with our patients to understand their healthcare issues, which leads to a more personal experience.” 


Being part of the community is more than providing great customer service, according to Jonathan - it is important to give back in any way you can. 

“I fell in love with a local Riverview lady, we had three amazing kids and have been raising our family here since 2007,” said Walsh. “I have been really involved in the activities that our kids have enjoyed over the years, including coaching Riverview Minor Hockey, Riverview Ringette, Riverview Minor Baseball and Riverview Minor Soccer. We have seen what can happen with our direct contributions to organizations like Atlantic Wellness, local food banks, and many other organizations over the years.” 

“As business owners, we not only have a duty to invest in our growth, but we also have a responsibility to support organizations who help strengthen our communities. That is one of the reasons I was so excited to be a member of the Town’s 50th Anniversary Committee. Business owners sometimes are not sure how to get involved in events, so it was important to bring that voice to the table when planning the 50th celebrations. I am excited about what the team is putting together to recognize how much we have grown in 50 years!” 

There is much to be proud of in over a decade of operation, including the recent honour of being awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee medal, but the best form of recognition comes from delighted customers. Riverview Guardian Pharmacy was recognized in 2022 as the #1 pharmacy In Greater Moncton via Community Votes. 

“I feel proud and thankful that our customers would vote for us to receive this distinction,” he said. “It means the world to me and my team. We have relied primarily on word of mouth over the years, so we truly would not be where we are today without our loyal patients.” 


Raising a family was top of mind when Walsh was deciding where to live, work, and play. 

“I really like the fact that we are still a smaller community next door to a larger community/service center. Growing up in Miramachi, everyone knew and looked after each other. Riverview is still a community like that, and I cannot think of a better place to raise my family!” 


One of Walsh’s biggest sources of inspiration over the years has been his parents and has shaped his life and business around some of the lessons they instilled.  

"My father was a pipefitter at the local pulp and paper mill, while my mother worked part-time as a nurse at the hospital. Together, they instilled the importance of caring for your neighbour, working hard, keeping your word, and trying to make this world just a little bit better than how you found it. In trying times, always look for those running in to help. Be one of those people.” 


With many options to choose from in the area, what makes Riverview Guardian Pharmacy stand out from the crowd is quite simple.  

“It comes down to simplicity,” Walsh explained. “I strive to treat every customer and patient exactly how I would expect them to treat me. It is not a complicated formula but a very meaningful one. I have assembled a wonderful team of like-minded people to help make Riverview Guardian the success that it is today.” 


During the pandemic, many essential stores like Riverview Guardian were able to experience daily highlights that kept them going.  
“Community means everything to me, especially during the pandemic,” he said. “It has been so heartwarming to see people looking out for one another. We have seen you at the pharmacy, picking items up for your elderly neighbor, or for someone stuck in isolation. All of us doing our small part to get through this together has been very comforting during challenging times.” 


Supporting other local businesses is crucial to strengthening the community. That is why Walsh promotes local shopping whenever possible.  
“One of the Riverview businesses that I swear by is Ralph MacKay Automotive,” he explained. “They are friendly, courteous, and honest to deal with; all things that I value as a consumer and in my own business.” 


What makes a pharmacy win the top nod as the best in the tri-community? It is the people who call it theirs, those who are greeted by name and asked about their family. It is the staff who live close by and proudly serve their community. It is the organizations who have benefitted from funds raised, partnerships, and countless volunteer hours spent to support their mission. It is the local businesses who line the shelves and are highlighted in front of big-name brands.  

If you have never been into Riverview Guardian before, what are you waiting for? You’re always welcome there. Chances are, the moment you walk through their doors at 645 Pinewood Rd #2, you will understand what the hype is about.  




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