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Council approves 2022 municipal budget 

Riverview Town Council completed 2022 budget deliberations last night at the November 15 Regular Council meeting, approving the final operating fund, utility operating fund and capital budgets. The total amounts to $31,886,607.  
Council voted to reduce the tax rate by four cents to $1.5526 per $100 of assessed property value. Property owners have experienced a rise in taxes as assessment rates climb due to market conditions.  

Says Mayor Andrew J. LeBlanc, “Going into the budget process, Riverview Town Council gave direction to reduce the tax rate in the range of one to three cents to relieve the overall tax burden on residents in 2022. We were pleased staff could deliver a budget that meets our service standards while reducing the rate by four cents.” 

A one cent reduction in the tax rate is equal to around $179,000 in lower revenue. Therefore, this reduction reflects over $700,000 in reduced revenue projections for the Town. 

Notable highlights from the approved budget:  

  • Water and sewer bills will remain the same at $904 annually for residential customers and $3.29 per cubic metre for commercial customers.  
  • The Town’s Equalization Grant from the Province of New Brunswick in 2021 will be $1.5 million, representing a decrease this year of over $1 million. 
  • Council ratified the four-year term agreement with CUPE Local 2162 and the four-year term agreement with IAFF Local 2549. 
  • Codiac Transpo budget is increased by 16.7% ($98,000) from 2021 levels to allow for a return to pre-Covid 19 operational levels.  
  • Addition of a new full-time position in communications. 
  • Reallocation of salary for the creation of two new positions in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Relations: one with a focus on sustainable strategic initiatives and the second will serve as a business community liaison.  
  • Recreation Complex Project will receive capital funds for detailed architecture designs, site preparation and the start of building construction. $75,000 has been carried over from 2021 to support the fundraising campaign and prepare to tender the project in 2022 pending a commitment of funding from provincial and federal governments. 
  • The RCMP budget increased by over $600,000 (17.6%) compared to the 2021 budget (total approx. $4.3 million). Increased is owed to the contract settlement the federal government negotiated with the new RCMP union.  

Capital infrastructure investments  

Notable investments in 2022 include phase one of improvements to Montgomery Avenue including underground sewer and water lines, as well as watermain renewal projects on Lakeside Drive and Pitt Street. 

Town’s street pavement program  
The annual paving schedule will address Hebron, Cosburn, Nowlan, Belfast, Sanford and Irving (Callowhill to Lawson). Asphalt seal on Montgomery (Fairfax to Whitepine) and Toth. Asphalt mill and overlay on Hillsborough (Point Park to Emery), Pitt, Lakeside, Irving (Lawson to Charyl), Canusa (Waterfall to Whitepine) and Trites (Traynor to Whitepine).  

Capital budget 

The following streets will have local improvement and watermain renewal projects: Montgomery Phase 2 (Coverdale to Fairfax), Ridgeway, Bradford East (Cleveland to Montgomery) and Fairfax (Cleveland to Montgomery). Watermain renewal projects will be completed on Wilson and Killarney.  

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