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Council Highlights - April 14, 2020


Council Highlights provide a snapshot of public meetings to help residents, businesses and stakeholders understand the decisions that affect their community. For the official record of Council Meetings, please refer to the adopted minutes, which are posted for each meeting once approved at the next Regular Council Meeting. Consult this meeting's agenda to view files mentioned in the Council Highlights. 

Council Highlights
Regular Council Meeting – April 14, 2020

Adoption of the Minutes 

  • Public Hearing/Regular Council Meeting – March 9, 2020
  • Special Council Meeting – March 23, 2020

First reading of by-laws to be enacted at the next Regular Council Meeting

  • By-Law 300-33-2 to amend the Town of Riverview Municipal Plan By-Law 300-33
  • By-Law 300-7-3  to amend the Town of Riverview Zoning By-Law

Second and final reading of by-laws enacted by Council

  • By-Law 300-25-20 relating to Local Improvements (Cosburn Drive)
  • By-Law 300-25-21 relating to Local Improvements (Hebron Street)
  • By-Law 300-25-22 relating to Local Improvements (Nowlan Drive)
  • By-Law 500-11 respecting Fire Protection of the Inhabitants of the Town of Riverview


Public Presentation was held prior to the Regular Council meeting. Planner Kirk Brewer proposed amendments to the Municipal Plan By-Law No. 300-33-2 with respect to Dobson Landing. It relates to the use of proposes to amend the land use designation on a portion of the property bearing PID 06517102 from Commercial to Residential on the Generalized Future Land Use Map. This amendment will permit the subsequent rezoning of the property to enable development of a multi-unit residential building within the Dobson Landing master plan area.


  • None presented.

Tenders and Requests for Proposals (RFP)

  • Tender 20-06, Municipal Residential Waste Collection and Disposal Services awarded to Miller Waste Systems Inc. in the amount of $1,425,867.52 (including HST)
  • Tender 20-64 for Sidewalk Construction Irving Road & Coverdale Road awarded to Classic Construction (2012) Ltd. in the amount of $123,975.00 plus HST
  • Tender 20-69 for Replacement of Underground Duct and Wiring for Street Lights awarded to Roadway Systems Ltd. in the amount of $39,775.00 plus HST

Other Business

Council made a motion to approve the development agreement with MoeMar Homes for the construction of the extension of Runneymeade Road in 2020/21. Furthermore, Council authorized the Town to advance funds to MoeMar Homes, up to $700,000, for the construction of Runneymeade Road, which will be repaid over time. Council also authorized staff to use funds from the Capital Reserve Fund, if necessary, in 2020 to advance those funds to MoeMar Homes.

Council made a motion to instruct staff to increase Council’s compensation by an amount equal to the loss in revenue which occurred with the adoption of Bill C44 by the Federal Government and that By-law 100-15-08 Council Salaries be amended to include the remaining increase, effective with the swearing in of a new council, and to correct any discrepancies within the by-law.

Council made a motion accept staff recommendations in regard to the financial impact as a result of COVID-19 pandemic as following: 

  • Continuation of the existing practice of working with all ratepayers experiencing financial hardship in a reasonable and consistent manner taking into account the unique circumstances of this COVID-19 situation.
  • Suspending collection actions for past due water and sewer accounts until July 31st. This means that no disconnection of water and sewer services shall occur due to non-payment.
  • Waiving any fees/charges for NSF payments incurred by ratepayers.
  • Revisiting each of the above recommendations at July 31.

Council made a motion to accept the staff recommendation to proceed with Option B to delay award of some 2020 capital projects until more information is available in order to make a better-informed decision.

Next Meeting 

Council will meet for the next Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, April 27 at 7 p.m. via conference call. In accordance with Section 69 of the Local Governance Act, Council have the option to attend meetings electronically. The meeting will be live-streamed on our website. Visit www.townofriverview.ca/council to view the recording and find the agenda available on Thursday prior to the meeting. For more information contact clerk@townofriverview.ca; 506-387-2136.

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