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Council Highlights - October 11, 2022

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of public meetings. For the official record, please refer to the adopted minutes, which are posted once approved at the next month’s Regular Council Meeting. Consult this meeting's agenda to view presentations and files mentioned in the Council Highlights.  


Regular Council Meeting - October 11, 2022




CDT Disc Golf Presentation - Council heard a presentation from Blake Reynolds of CDT Disc Golf on the gaining popularity of the sport and how the local course is contributing to Riverview's active community. They reported that the CDT Disc Golf course is one of the most popular courses in the province, and is expected to register upwards of 10,000 trail uses spanning over 6,700 logged rounds by the end of 2022.They are looking forward to strengthening partnerships with local organizations, schools and volunteers, as well as asking for continued support from the Town for 2023.


  • By-Law 300-7-9 - 700 Pinewood Road - Proposed Rezoning from NC to R3 - Council set a time and place for the public hearing of the resolution to amend the by-law which will take place on November 14th at 6:30 p.m.
  • Community Investment Policy - changes to the policy, including eligibility requirements, were adopted by Council and the updated version can be found here.
  • Approval of Grant - Council made a motion to support the Indo Canada Association of Greater Moncton at a cost of $2,000.
  • Resolution - Age Friendly Community - This resolution was adopted by Council and work is underway to receive this important designation.
  • Long Range Capital Plan - Council endorsed the updated 10-year Capital Budget Plan as presented at the September 26 Committee of the Whole meeting.
  • Budget Planning for 2023 - Council endorsed the proposed budget parameters for the preliminary 2023 Capital and Operating budgets for the General and Utility Funds, including the proposed assumptions and parameters for revenue and expenses as outlined in report presented at the Committee of the Whole Meeting of September 26, 2022. 


First reading of by-laws.

  • By-Law 700-12, a By-Law Relating to the Regulation, Traffic, Parking and Use of Streets in the Town of Riverview
  • By-Law 700-80-01, a By-Law to Amend By-Law 700-80 Requiring Street Trees for New Main Building Development within the Town of Riverview

Second and third readings of by-laws were adopted by Council.

  • By-Law 300-33-4, a By-Law to Amend the Town of Riverview Municipal Plan By-Law 300-33
  • By-Law 300-7-8, a By-Law to Amend the Town of Riverview Zoning By-Law 300-7
  • By-Law 700-21, a By-Law to Establish a Curfew in the Town of Riverview 
  • By-Law 400-15-05, a By-Law Relating to the Collection and Disposal of Waste in the Town of Riverview  




The next Committee of the Whole Meeting will be October 24, 2022.   

Open Council for budget deliberations will take place on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Council will meet for the next Regular Council meeting on Monday, November 14 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be live-streamed on our website.   

Watch archived and upcoming Council meetings here and find the agenda available on Thursday prior to the meeting. 

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