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Council Highlights - October 12, 2021

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of public meetings. For the official record, please refer to the adopted minutes, which are posted once approved at the next month’s Regular Council Meeting. Consult this meeting's agenda to view presentations and files mentioned in the Council Highlights. 

Regular Council Meeting - October 12, 2021 


  • Public Hearing - Regular Council Meeting - September 13, 2021 
  • Committee of the Whole Meeting - September 27, 2021 
  • Special Council Meeting - September 27, 2021 


Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade – Council made a motion abstain from entering a float in the 2021 parade and in place, provide financial support to the Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Association to cover the 2021 entrance fee. 


  • K. Brewer, Planner - Southeast Regional Service Commission - Written views re Controlled Access By-Law. 
    Taken as information. 
  • G. Melanson - Request to Amend By-Law 500-11  
    Council referred the request to ban fire pits to the Fire Department (and other pertinent staff) for review and recommendation. 
  • P. Toner, United Way - Request for consideration for a Relationship Grant 
    Council made a motion that the You Turns grant request be added to the operational budget under the Relationship Grant line items. 




Ratify Monthly Community Investment Grants - Moncton Wildcat 2021-2022 Season Tickets; and Greater Moncton Excellence Awards  

  • Council made a motion to support the Moncton Wildcats through the purchase of two adult 2021-2022 seasonal tickets at a cost of $1,200.60.  
  • Council made a motion to support the Greater Moncton Excellence Awards being held on October 20, 2021 in the amount of $1,000. 

Proposed 2022 Preliminary Budget Parameters 

  • Council endorsed the proposed budget parameters for the preliminary 2022 Capital and Operating budgets for the General and Utility Funds, including the proposed assumptions and parameters for revenue and expenses as outlined in report presented at the Committee of the Whole Meeting of September 27, 2021. 

Proposed Amendments to Procedural By-Law 

  • Council made a motion to review the Procedural By-Law document submitted at the Committee of the Whole meeting of September 27, 2021 and propose any changes to the Town Clerk before the document is presented for first reading at the October 12 Regular Council Meeting. 

Proposed Amendment to Tall Grasses By-Law 

  • Council directed staff to proceed with the recommended amendments to By-law 700-70 – Tall Grasses By-law and bring forward to the next Regular Meeting of Council for first reading. 


First reading of by-laws to be enacted at the next Regular Council Meeting 

  • By-law 300-67, Controlled Access By-Law Respecting the Establishment of Controlled Access Streets within the Town of Riverview 
  • By-Law 100-10-05, A By-Law Relating to the Proceedings of the Council of the Town of Riverview  
  • By-Law 700-7-01, A By-Law to Amend By-Law 700-70, A By-Law Respecting Tall Grasses in the Town of Riverview - Motion defeated 


Councillor Coughlan read a notice of motion to be considered at the COW meeting of October 25, 2021:  That Riverview Town Council award a grant in the amount of $3,333.33 to the Second Chance Workshop Inc. for a period of three years commencing in 2021. 


Council will next meet for the Regular Council Meeting on Monday, October 25 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be live-streamed on our website. Visit www.townofriverview.ca/council to view it and find the agenda available on Thursday prior to the meeting. For more information contact clerk@townofriverview.ca; 506-387-2136. 


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