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Immigration in Greater Moncton: Celebrating success and supporting new efforts

GREATER MONCTON (N.B.) – The cities of Moncton, Dieppe and the Town of Riverview in tandem with the Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership (GMLIP) have initiated the process of developing the new Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy during a press conference held at the Avenir Centre on Thursday morning.

The initial purpose of the new strategy will be to facilitate the engagement of Greater Moncton residents in the consultation process through a new interactive platform, “”. This platform will provide access to clear information on immigration in the Greater Moncton area while enabling the community to ask questions and share ideas to make Greater Moncton the best place to live and work in New Brunswick. The process also includes more than 12 theme-based consultations with stakeholders, a road show on “Importance of immigration” and research on best practices.

The new strategy was developed further to the successful implementation of Greater Moncton’s initial immigration strategy (2014-2018), with a final report available online at The cities of Moncton, Dieppe and the Town of Riverview believe immigration is the way forward for Greater Moncton. The area shifted from a region that attracted very few immigrants 10 years ago to a major urban centre of attraction in Eastern Canada. With a retention rate of 77% (2015), the 2014-2018 Strategy proved to have clearly guided Greater Moncton—and its key partners—in embracing changes that fostered its socioeconomic growth.


“The City of Moncton has been very concretely committed for the past 5 years. Our efforts are paying off, and I am so proud! The diversity brought by our newcomers is a key aspect of our vibrant cultural and economic community life”, said Dawn Arnold, Mayor of the City of Moncton.

“We are very pleased with the results of our region's first immigration strategy and look forward to continuing the process. Dieppe is proud to have an increasing number of immigrant families growing our dynamic and vibrant municipality! ”, said Yvon Lapierre, Mayor of the City of Dieppe.

“Working collectively as a region has been a key contributor to the success of our initial strategy, and with ongoing collaboration – and a new forum to encourage public engagement - the Greater Moncton area will continue to witness growth and economic prosperity. Immigration has strengthened our cultural diversity, and we are not only dedicated to continuing our attraction efforts but to ensuring successful settlement and integration”, said Ann Seamans, Mayor of the Town of Riverview.

“Since the beginning, the Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership has been a forum of diverse partners committed to making Greater Moncton a growing, inclusive and welcoming community. The objective here is to keep positioning our region in the economic prosperity of NB by attracting, integrating and retaining newcomers, and making their settlement easier in our community”, said Abdellatif Baoud, chair of the Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership

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The Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership (GMLIP)
The Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership consists of a council of immigration stakeholders, immigrants, business community and municipal government partners. The LIP will help implement the Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy and will provide a better framework to understand the needs of newcomers, the gaps in service delivery and the process through which collaboration can lead to much better outcomes for newcomers.







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