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North America’s Premier Pet Licensing Program Comes to Riverview

RIVERVIEW (N.B.) The Town of Riverview is delighted to announce that, starting today, pet licensing is going to be managed by DocuPet, the world’s leading provider of pet licensing services. Across North America only 13% of pets are licensed, despite by-laws requiring it in most municipalities, including Riverview. Licensing and proper identification are core methods for protecting the welfare of pets. DocuPet is now bringing their experience of improving pet licensing in 20 Canadian jurisdictions to Riverview, with a focus on making the process easy, effective, and beneficial to everyone.

Low licensing compliance is a real problem, both for Animal Control teams, and for the pets themselves. Without proper identification and easily-accessible information about a pet, they will end up in a shelter if they go missing.

Getting pets out of shelters and back to their homes is an expensive business for pet owners and governments alike and is often unsuccessful. This lose-lose-lose situation results in the owner losing their companion, the pet never returning to their original home, and the shelter needlessly consuming its limited resources.

Hassle-Free Licensing - With Benefits

The Riverview DocuPet solution will streamline licensing for all involved. Pet owners can now license and renew their pet licences online at, over the phone at 1 (855) 249-1370, by mail, or in person.

DocuPet’s membership program also offers several unique benefits, including the HomeSafeTM Lost Pet System that has reunited hundreds of pets with their owners. One in three pets becomes lost at some point in their lives and licensing plays a critical role in helping them return home safely and avoids costly visits to the shelter.

Regardless of whether the licence is purchased online or in person, all licence tags will be mailed to pet owners by DocuPet. Packages should be received within 10 to 12 business days and will include information on pet owner perks they are eligible for as a licensed DocuPet Member. These will be regularly updated and will include discounts and special offers from Riverview retailers.

The Town of Riverview and DocuPet are committed to using revenues from the program to improve the lives of pets and pet parents across the Town. Riverview by-law requires that all dog and cat owners residing within the Town obtain annual pet licences. All new pet licence purchases and renewals will be valid for 365 days from the date of purchase, at which point they must be renewed. The cost of a licence is $15 for pets who have been sterilized and $30 for fertile dogs and cats.

Anyone who has previously licensed a dog or cat with the Town of Riverview will receive a reminder from DocuPet by mail with information about how to renew their licence and activate their online account, should they choose.

If residents hold a current pet licence, it will remain valid until its current expiry date. Licence-holders can expect to receive renewal information well in advance of the expiry, but should they want to activate their online account earlier to take advantage of the HomeSafeTM Lost Pet Service, they will be able to do so.

“Running an effective licensing program is incredibly important for the welfare of pets. Keeping lost pets out of shelters and returning them to their parents is our priority at DocuPet - our entire team becomes involved. Over the past five years we have helped hundreds of lost pets get back home, but there is still the same joy in the office every time we get the news that we have another success story. We are really looking forward to helping pets in Riverview get home safe,” says Grant Goodwin, CEO of DocuPet.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of DocuPet’s pet licensing platform. This collaboration is a positive step in enhancing the pet licensing process, supporting proper animal identification, and rewarding responsible pet ownership,” says Annette Crummey, Director of Corporate Services for the Town of Riverview.



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