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Protect your drinking water! Every drop counts!

RIVERVIEW, NB – On Wednesday, a notice was issued to all water customers in Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview that, due to the high risk of a blue-green algae bloom, all non-essential water use should be ceased immediately.

In the first 24 hours or so, water consumption dropped about 6 %, which represents about 3,4 million litres/day… thank you to all who have made significant efforts.

However, considering that daily consumption for the week prior was about 57 million litres/day, the Water Services team had hoped to see at least 25% reduction in consumption (approx. 14 million litres/day).

To support these conservation efforts, the City will be shutting down the splash pads until further notice, except for the one located in Centennial Park, as it recycles water. The East End and Centennial Park pools also remain open. Conserving water is the best tool at our disposal to mitigate the risk of a blue-green algae bloom at the Tower Rd reservoir.

In the coming days, formal restrictions may be imposed on both residential and commercial customers if voluntary non-essential water consumption doesn’t drop significantly. With 2020 being the driest year on record in 40 years for the Moncton area, and no significant rainfall predicted for the next 14 days, we need to help Mother Nature by doing our part!

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