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Riverview Gift Ideas: Your guide to local shopping this holiday season

Finding the perfect gift can be challenging. Throw in busy shopping malls and a mainstream gift selection and you’ve found yourself walking in circles trying to find a gift that may not exist. Ideas are running dry and time is running short, but you can’t leave empty handed – so you grab the nearest pair of wool socks and cozy slippers because, who doesn’t need those?

You finish your festive mocha and head for the door through a crowd of bustling shoppers that you seem to have more in common with than your choice in gift, and suddenly you begin walking much slower than usual. Feeling accomplished yet slightly incomplete, you leave the crowded shopping centre and find yourself standing in the parking lot with bags that cost just as much as the gift, wondering if there’s something better out there. You turn around and rush to the nearest purchase return station, hoping that your gift receipt will work, and you’re back at square one.

The act of giving a gift is meant to come from the heart and in an ideal situation that would be reflected in what you give. If wool socks and a new pair of slippers scratches that itch then you have nothing to worry about. But, what if you were forced to think outside the box? What if you were forced to leave traditional shopping in the past and head to a destination where you’re sure to find what you’re looking for? To take the guess work out of gift buying this holiday season, we’ve made a list of ideas to make sure that the gifts you give are as thoughtful as you are. The best part? It can all be found right here in the Town of Riverview.


Beauty & Jewelry

Diamonds, Watches, Personalized Gems

Cosmetics, Perfume, Cologne, Bodywash, Shampoo

Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, Wax

Haircut, Hairstyle, Hair Color, Barber Services

Lashes, Nails, Waxing, Laser, Microblading

Bath Bombs, Soaps, Lip Balms


Car & Home

Remote Car Starter, Car Accessories, Cleaning Products

Tires, Alignment, Oil Change

Driver’s Training, Car Insurance, Roadside Assistance

Gas Card, Salty Snacks, Sodas

Car Detailing, Buffing, Dent Repair

Custom Framing, Collectibles, Flower Arrangements, Printing

Scrapbooking Supplies, Holiday Cards

Stocking Stuffers, Candy, School Supplies

Home Décor, Candles, Decadent Chocolates

Mortgage Services, Landscaping, Building Supplies

Snow Blower, Heat Pump, Electric Fireplace, Power Tools

Lighting, Flooring, Paint, Tiles, Mirrors

Electronics, Vape Pens, Home Theatre


Food & Dining

Maple Treats, Maple Syrup, Maple Cookies

Pub Food, Homestyle Breakfast, Live Entertainment, Diner Food

Cooking Pans, Bakeware, Utensils

Baked Goods, Fresh Sweets, Meat Platters

Chinese Food, Sushi, Pizza

Wine Kitz, Beer, Growler, Cider, Spirits

Coffee, Specialty Lattes, Breakfast Pastries

Magazines, Books, Herbal Tea

Health & Wellness

Gym Membership, Personal Trainer, Fitness Classes

Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care

Healthy Snacks, Meal Plan, Nutritional Advice, Vegan Treats

Yoga Matt, Water Bottle, Gym Bag, Workout Clothes


Family & Pets

Skateboarding Gear, Skateboarding Lessons

Sports Equipment, Snow Shoes, Skiis, Biking Gear

Martial Arts, Yoga Lessons, Swimming , Skating,

Pet Grooming, Chew Toys, Animal Dentistry

Pre-Loved Books, Premium Coffee

Theatre Tickets, Business Events, Library Activities

Cooking Classes, Music Lessons, Singing

Robotics, Coding Classes, LEGO Bricks Learning

Bowling, Billiards, Darts


Clothing & Accessories

Handmade Children’s Apparel, Children’s Consignment

Shoes, Hats, Bags, Purses, Accessories

Mittens, Scarf, Wool Socks, Cozy Sweater

Trendy Consignment, New Year’s Outfit, Adaptive Clothing

Sewing Machine, Quilting Supplies, Thread

Prescription Eyewear, Sunglasses, Contacts

Holiday Pyjamas, Slippers, Onesies

Dry Cleaning Service


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