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Riverview Youth Network Announces Strategic Changes

Riverview, NB- The Riverview Youth Network (RYN), along with several community partners announced the strategic actions they have accomplished and continue to work towards with the help of the Riverview community.

The public announcement at The Riverview Skate Park took place earlier today with media and community attending.

The Riverview Youth Network was established in the Fall of 2021 in response to concerns repeatedly heard by the Town, The Anglophone East School District (ASD-E) and other community stakeholders. The RYN is led by The Town of Riverview, ASD-E and The United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeast New Brunswick’s YOU Turns division. The goal of the RYN is to provide residents and youth with opportunities for engagement to build an effective strategy that brings meaningful change to processes, programming and local services that support youth.

Mayor of Riverview, Andrew LeBlanc says, the Network’s stakeholders, including himself, have had many important conversations with youth and other community members about how the RYN can support initiatives to improve residents’ lives in Riverview.

“As a community it is important to not only identify problems, but to also ensure we are taking positive action to come up with solutions. We want to model positive problem solving skills to young people and engage them in the conversation to be part of change.”

Today’s announcement addressed strategic action taken on three key areas:

  • Parent Engagement
  • Youth Specific Activities
  • Mental Health Support For Parents/Youth & Bullying/Conflict Resolution

Stakeholders also providing expertise, insight and collaboration with the RYN include students, parents, the BGC Riverview, RCMP, Horizon Health Network, United Way, Integrated Services Delivery (ISD), the Riverview Skatepark and Atlantic Wellness. 

If you would like to be involved with the RYN please contact ASD-E’s Community Response Coordinator, Heather Stordy at 856-3222 or Mayor Andrew LeBlanc at 387-2210.

Media inquiries can be sent to Stephanie Patterson, Director of Communications for ASD-E at stephanie.patterson@nbed.nb.ca

Media Contact

Stephanie Patterson 

Director of Communications for ASD-E 


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