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Riverview Youth Network to drive community action on issues affecting Riverview's young people

Community partners have come together to form the Riverview Youth Network, which will work to address specific issues that impact young people’s well-being and their ability to succeed in school. These issues include bullying, drug use, sense of belonging and community connections.  
The Town of Riverview, Anglophone East School District and YOU Turns are leading the project. Representatives from each organization met with various groups of youth throughout the summer to gather feedback on solutions and opportunities youth would like in their community. Now, the group will engage youth, their families, and local agencies in community action to support the desired outcomes.  

Says Mayor Andrew J. LeBlanc: "We want to give young people the support they need and build protective factors around them to take a preventative approach to stressors that impact students in our community. That can’t be done without youth input.” 

Stakeholders involved in the Riverview Youth Network include students, parents, the BGC Riverview, RCMP, Horizon Health Network, United Way, ISD, the Riverview Skatepark and Atlantic Wellness. 
“By engaging many viewpoints and expertise, we can build an effective strategy that brings meaningful change to processes, programming and local services that support youth,” he continued. “Every stakeholder is committed to responding to the feedback we get from students with solutions their respective agency is best equipped to provide.” 

Says Heather Stordy, Community Response Coordinator, Anglophone East School District: “Anglophone East is pleased to partner with the Riverview Youth Network and is committed to working with school communities and fostering positive community change for youth. We work to engage and empower our students as they proceed through our education system and into the world. We are excited to hear the ideas and contributions our students have and are happy to provide guidance, support and connection to resources to see these ideas come to life.”  

The Network held its first meeting on October 7. Its next steps will be to engage a wider group of parents – regardless of which school their children attend – to participate in solutions. Watch for opportunities to provide feedback through the school district.  

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