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Sustainable Businesses: Thriving in a Pandemic

Entrepreneurs are skilled adapters to changing business climates. Attentive to the needs and wants of their clients, their sails turn with the changes in the wind and they charge full speed ahead. 

Times have changed
A global pandemic, while not the first in our history, poses unprecedented challenges to businesses of all sizes, confronting even the most skilled business person to re-evaluate every aspect of their business. Nothing is certain; markets are changing, governments are sending down updated instructions daily, and keeping up with the challenges of running a business is complicated by the state of our economy and our planet.

Elevation through localization
In an exciting turn of events in an otherwise gloomy situation, not only have entrepreneurs and business people stepped up, but they have elevated their venture with a new found focus and commitment to a more localized approach. Businesses are moving online, offering creative solutions to new problems, all while maintaining a certain humanity and vulnerability as they walk a new path alongside their clients and customers. Many businesses have taken the extra step in expressing support for community initiatives, and recognizing the importance of sustainable communities #aparttogether

SMEs know best
"We have been straight out. People are definitely staying home more, and wanting to improve their yards while making their houses look good, so we're selling lots of equipment to help with that. We're seeing a lot of chainsaws and trimmers go out the door and items we don't normally see in spring. If people have the time to do their yardwork, we're happy to help them do it," said Tyson Rogers, Service Manager at CR Yardworks and Equipment.

“It's great seeing families out riding their bikes getting fresh air and exercising. The bicycle business has been super busy as a result, and this is great. My only worry is that repair parts are getting hard to find so hopefully the supply chain catches up. We must all be aware that COVID-19 is still out there. So remember to social distance.” - Bob’s Sport Services

Turning to your community
Sustainability, at its most basic definition, has never been more relevant. Forbes compiled an excellent list of how to make a business truly sustainable post COVID-19 including actions such as engaging with your local community at the grassroots level, realizing the global impact of your actions, not going it alone to solve difficult problems, and (drumroll please) embracing green capitalism!

Innovate or fall behind
Businesses are at a critical moment not only in their own development but in world history. While Sustaina-Palooza 2020 was canceled, next year's event will aim to encourage conversation, increase awareness, initiate new partnerships and showcase innovative leadership as we all enter this new normal. People, planet and profit will come together post-pandemic to evoke real-world change, and this change will involve our local economies.

It takes a village
Sustaina-Palooza 2021 promises to be an event you will not want to miss! Throughout the year we will be focusing on our local businesses, their successes, struggles, and needs in these trying times. Work is already underway in recruiting top talent to provide our business community with tried and true advice, lessons learned, and the tools they need to become a truly sustainable (in every sense of the world) business. Stay tuned for updates!

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