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Town of Riverview offers improved digital services with new website

RIVERVIEW (N.B.) The Town of Riverview’s new website, launched today at townofriverview.ca, will better meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors with improved digital services and accessibility.

New self-service applications make it easier to communicate and do business with the Town of Riverview. Residents and utility customers will now be able to make secure payments online, including water and sewer bills, parking tickets, and Town invoices. More than a dozen existing forms previously only available as paper documents have been converted to online application processes and service requests. A revamped events calendar allows members of the public to submit listings of non-profit, community-oriented events, and subscribe to updates. Data is hosted exclusively in a secure Canadian Tier2+ data centre.

“Every feature on the new website is designed to offer the best possible customer service experience for residents and anyone who engages with the Town of Riverview,” said Mayor Ann Seamans. “The first thing that grabs your attention is beautiful photography and film shot by celebrated New Brunswick photographer Nigel Fearon. We’re showcasing Riverview in its best light, and proudly inviting visitors and future investors to discover what sets our community apart.”

A mobile responsive design greets website visitors for maximum presentation on any screen including tablets and smart phones, and efforts to exceed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) ensure people with disabilities, including visual disabilities can access the website's information easily and effectively.

Other highlights of Riverview’s new website include:

  • Fully-functional Emergency Measures Organization warning system built into every page of the site, which can be managed from any mobile device with a 3G connection;
  • New shopping and dining directories;
  • New community resources directory;
  • An advanced recreation facility and programs closures and cancellations notice system;
  • Demographic and topic-based navigation helps residents find what they need based on age (children, youth, adults and adults 60+) and topics of interest (Mayor and Council, Community Events, Economic Development, etc.);
  • Searchable parks directory featuring 24 parks and playgrounds;
  • Waste collection schedule on the home page;
  • Real-time transit information on the home page;
  • Real-time countdown to the tidal bore on the home page;
  • Petitcodiac River flow information (calculated daily) on the home page based on Hydrology of the Petitcodiac River basin in New Brunswick by Daniel Caissie (Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Gulf Fisheries Centre, Science Branch (Moncton) (2000).

Led by Blaze Studios, the project stayed within a budget of $50,000 and reduces annual website maintenance and support costs by more than 45%. It is built entirely on open software and is compatible with provincial and national open government initiatives.

In keeping with the Town of Riverview’s sustainability principles, the new townofriverview.ca is powered by 100% renewable energy, accounting for less than 5 grams of CO2 per Kwh.

A new website was designed in response to the Town’s three-year Marketing and Communications Strategy which focuses on enhancing public communication and digital services, promoting active and healthy living, and attracting like-minded sustainable business to the town.

Please feel free to send us your comments about the redesigned website using the Contact Us form at the top of every page.

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