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Town update on water distribution system, Council lifts water ban

RIVERVIEW (N.B.) – Following a special meeting of Council today (June 29), Council has removed a ban that was implemented last week on non-essential water consumption.

Subsequently, Council passed a motion encouraging ongoing water conservation practices for Riverview residents.

At the end of last week, the Town observed that normal consumption and water pressure levels in the Town’s water distribution system had started to return. Those results continued on the weekend and into today.

The Engineering and Public Works Team feel the system is now operating as it typically would this time of year. Residents’ cooperation with reducing their water consumption and modifications that the Town implemented to the water distribution system were factors in reducing consumption levels and improving water pressure in the system.

Our evaluation of the water distribution system over the past week demonstrated that there appears to have been a number of contributing factors to the situation the Town experienced, not one single factor. An extremely hot June that increased external consumption notably; Covid-19 impact; a minor water main break in central Riverview; and the water distribution system that was operating out of sync.

The Team will continue to monitor and evaluate the performance of the water distribution system to ensure it continues to operate as it should.

Once again, the Town of Riverview would like to thank residents for their cooperation in reducing non-essential water consumption over the past week.

Since residential consumption levels are higher than previous summers, especially this early in the summer, residents are still encouraged to use good water conservation practices that are consistent with the Town’s Water By-law.

Following a motion passed by Council today, residents are asked to still do their part to minimize the level of water consumption in our community including:

  • Only using your outdoor water hose on odd number calendar days if you live at an odd numbered residence;
  • Only using your outdoor water hose on even number calendar days if you live at an even numbered residence;
  • Limiting the watering of your gardens/lawns to times before 8 a.m. and after 6 p.m.
  • Limiting your outdoor water use to no more than one hour at a time for 2 hours max in a 24-hour period.
  • Not watering your lawn or garden when it is raining.


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