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The Riverview INDOOR Skatepark and Youth Centre facility includes a 15,000  square foot indoor skatepark designed for all skill levels, an arcade room,  PS4 gaming system, fundraising canteen and Surface Skateshop which stocks hardgoods, softgoods, and apparel all on the main floor. 

Upstairs the Youth Centre is a great spot to hang out, play pool, air hockey or fooseball.  There is lots of gaming equipment to choose from including: a Wii, Xbox 360 and a PS3. There are also movies available to watch on our home theatre system.  Staff will be pleased to help you.

Check out Riverview P&R Drop in on Wednesdays from 3:30 - 6:00 p.m (all ages) and 7:00 - 9:30 p.m + Saturdays from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m (all ages) and  7:00 -10:00 p.m (all ages). There is a variety of equipment available including: badminton, table tennis, basketball and corn hole.  There is also a lounge with a variety of board games.

Latest news

We want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came out to this year's 2023 Frozen Open Contest! Congrats to the following skaters on their placements:

Beginner: 1. Owen Tingley 2. Charlotte Kelly 3. Greyson Holland

Intermediate: 1. Annika Welling 2. Mark Saulnier 3. Cody Roussie

Advanced: 1. Steven Steeves 2. Ken Cross 3. Jacob Mulford

Best Trick: Taras Pylypets, Aiden Lawrence

Also a huge thanks to our sponsors Surface Skateshop, Uma Landsleds, Andele Bearings, Studio Skateboards, Cheesecake Garage, and Cloetow Studios. 


Next Up....Maplefest! 


Schedule and registration

Check available times and book your visit to the skate park here 

or refer to the tables below and pay at the park!



Wednesday 2:30-5pm 5:30-9pm    
Thursday 2:30-5pm 5:30-9pm    
Friday 2:30-5pm 5:30-10pm    
Saturday 11am-1pm 1:30-3pm 3-5pm 5:30-10pm   
Sunday 1:30-3pm 3-5pm 5:30-9pm  


Youth Centre

Wednesday 6-9pm      
Thursday 2:30-5pm 5:30-9pm    
Friday 2:30-5pm 5:30-10pm    
Saturday 11am-1pm 1:30-3pm 3-5pm 5:30-10pm



Web series

The staff of the Riverview Indoor Skatepark and Youth Centre present 'Beneath the Surface' a web series featuring footage from the last 15 years. From trips, to skater spotlights, and much much more this series will provide a little entertainment for everyone!

Episode 1 

Episode 2


It's just great people, helping kids learn so much more than just skateboarding - Mark

Very cool skatepark and the owner Ross is super helpful and is also planning to improve the park with an outdoor section. Coming back again. Greets from Germany - Nico

I am pleased to see such an establishment for youth. Faculty were amazing and helpful - Kirstin

Great atmosphere for all ages... good fun on rainy days - Tara

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