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Anything but business as usual.

Riverview is strategically-located, with an educated and wealthy population, and a competitive cost environment. So, open a business here, and get ready to profit. But what’s unique about Riverview is that you can also expect to profit in your lifestyle. It’s as rewarding to live here is it is to grow your business.

Exactly where you want to be.

When you choose Riverview for your business, you choose a connected, central, and in-demand location. At the heart of the Atlantic Provinces, Riverview gives you access to three national and provincial transportation networks, and more than two million consumers within a 300-kilometre radius. Plus, with Fundy National Park in the town’s backyard, tourism and hospitality dollars flow our way.

Your workforce lives here.

In Riverview, your business has the employees—and customer base—it needs to succeed. Our residents enjoy a higher average income compared to other communities in the province. And with two universities, two community colleges and several private colleges in the area, you’ll have access to a bilingual workforce that’s one of the most educated in New Brunswick. Not to mention, Riverview holds the distinction of having the most retail workers per capita in Canada.

Riverview population with a post-secondary education

More information

Municipal property tax:
$1.5826 per $100
Commercial water/sewer rate:
$2.97 per m3
Average internet download speed:
61.46 Mbps
Commercial electricity rates low as:
5.20c per kWh

It all adds up to affordable.

Setting up and running your business from Riverview won’t eat into your bottom line. The Greater Moncton region boasts among the lowest operating costs in business centres in both Canada and the United States. And Riverview boasts one of the lowest monthly housing payments of any similarly sized town in Atlantic Canada.

Rates and finances

Planning and development

Water and sewer

NB Power rates

Proud to live local.

“Local” is a bit of a buzzword in the modern world. In Riverview, local is a way of life, not a trend. A small, tight-knit community, our people have genuine pride in the businesses and people that choose Riverview as home. We appreciate and support our neighbours. We value the shops, restaurants, and services that share our Town with us.

Give Shane a shout.

The questions, the forms, the details. We get it, business can be complicated. Well, we’re here to help. Whether you’d like more info, or one-on-one assistance on getting up and running, drop Shane a line. He knows his stuff.


Shane Thomson

Town of Riverview Economic Development Department:


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