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Council Highlights - February 24, 2020

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of public meetings to help residents, businesses and stakeholders understand the decisions that affect their community. For the official record of Council Meetings, please refer to the adopted minutes, which are posted for each meeting once approved at the next Regular Council Meeting. Consult this meeting's agenda to view files mentioned in the Council Highlights. 

Committee of the Whole – February 24, 2020

Presentations and Delegations

  • Leandre Benoit, Project Manager of Colliers Project Leaders, Michael Cook, Architect and Rob Fougere, Architect of Fougere Menchenton Architecture presented the Function and Technical Program for the proposed Riverview Recreation Complex
  • RHS Student, Emilia Hiort, made a presentation requesting that the Town of Riverview declare a Climate Emergency
  • Kirk Brewer presented the Proposed Amendment to Conditional Zoning Agreement - Dobson Landing
    View each presentation in the agenda for this meeting.

Tenders and Requests for Proposals

  • None presented


  • Committee of the Whole recommends the approval of the technical and functional program for the Riverview Recreation Complex as presented and that it should be used as the foundation for the following steps to continue to move this project forward:
  1. Review and update the Long Term Capital and Financial plan to include the projected costs for this project in the plan and to make other adjustments to the assumptions in the longer term plan based on updated information and re-evaluate other projects to fit this in the plan within Council’s affordability parameters;
  2. Continue to provide Town support and assistance to the Fundraising Committee who will be executing the fundraising campaign in 2020 and beyond;
  3. Direct staff to finalize the analysis of the design and construction approach the Town should use with this project and modify the financial projections for this project based on the design and construction approach that will be utilized; and
  4. The Town take active steps to continue to attempt to secure federal and provincial government funding support for this project (or alternatively secure a similar level of financial support for other projects in the Town’s ten year plan that allows the overall affordability of the ten year plan to remain).
  • Committee of the Whole recommends that Council should declare a state of climate emergency.
  • Committee of the Whole recommends that Council direct staff to take the necessary steps to proceed with the process for consideration of the change to the Municipal Plan, the Zoning By-Law and the Controlled Access By-Law as outlined in the presentation by Kirk Brewer.

These recommendations will be brought forward for adoption at the next Regular Council Meeting. View files associated with these recommendations in the agenda for this meeting.

Next Meeting 

The next regular council meeting will be proceeded by a Public Hearing at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 9, 2020. The agenda will be available at www.townofriverview.ca on Thursday prior to the meeting. For more information contact clerk@townofriverview.ca; 506-387-2136.

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