Town of Riverview / Quality of Craft – Riverview's First Microbrewery Opens New Location 

Quality of Craft – Riverview's First Microbrewery Opens New Location 

After an unexpected career turn in 2012, Bruce Barton was at a crossroads for what came next. Upon evaluating his interests and seeing the opportunity to serve like-minded customers, he turned his passion into a profession and started Celtic Knot Brewing. 

“I worked in the printing industry for over 20 years before getting laid off. I took that as a chance to really think about what I wanted to do, and ultimately took control of my future by opening my own business. With over two decades of experience as a home brewer, my friends and family encouraged me to take my recipes to the next level. 11 years ago, I started Celtic Knot – the first and only microbrewery in Riverview - in my garage. I’m Irish on my father’s side, so the name seemed fitting of our heritage and resonates with many other Irish descendants in the area." 

Originally from Winnipeg, MB, the Bartons started to look for a new place to call home after a vacation to Halifax made them consider a move to the East Coast. A year and a ton of research later, they made it to Riverview. 

“We loved the lifestyle of the Maritimes and really wanted to move here. We settled in Riverview for the family-oriented, friendly community and business market opportunities. We quickly sold our house, quit our jobs, and drove 3500km over 5 days to get here. It’s been home ever since. This is where we started the business in 2012 and where our son Feliks was born a year after that.” 

Never tried a Celtic Knot craft beer? There’s something for everyone. 

“We have over 15 different types of beer – all original recipes,” he explained. “We serve a whole spectrum of customers; some who enjoy easy-going and refreshing summery beer like the Monkeytown-Mango Pale Ale, some who prefer dark and malty treat beer like the Enigma-Salted Caramel, and others who can’t get enough of our fan favourite the best Irish Red. If you've never been in, part of the fun is going home with a new to you brew! We’ll help you find what suits your taste.” 

Over a decade later, microbreweries have gained popularity – and competition. What keeps them going? Positive feedback from customers. 

“Our customers inspire us to keep perfecting our recipes and getting creative with new varieties,” said Barton. “Their enthusiasm for our product is really rewarding and gives us purpose to keep providing delicious, high-quality local beer. This is our community, so even when we needed to find a new location for our shop last year, we knew we’d be staying in Riverview.” 

If you’ve been wanting to visit Celtic Knot, now is the time! They have recently moved their fill station to a new location (Unit 20, 567 Coverdale Rd.) and would be happy to guide you to the best brew for you. Customers can bring in their empty growlers or buy cans to take home and enjoy. Take advantage of their Riverview Rewards – R Card deal: buy 6 cans, get 1 free! Keep an eye out for their beer on tap at restaurants and bars across New Brunswick. 

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