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Awards, Grants, and Sponsorships

The Town of Riverview is proud to partner with, invest in, and recognize organizations, programs, projects, and initiatives that contribute to advancing Riverview’s vision and achieving our community's goals.

Sustainability Micro-Grants

Riverview offers small-scale grants for actions and ideas that will contribute to the overall sustainability of the Town. Grant applications for projects taking place in 2024 are now open.  


The Annual Grant application program for 2024 is now closed. 

  • Our annual grant program provides funding toward organizations’ programs, projects and operational expenses. The application period each year is from Sept. 6 to Nov 30.  


Funding requests in excess of $500 for event or tournament hosting, travel subsidies, in-kind assistance or facility discounts.


Requests less than $500 for individual support, event support such as tickets, funding assistance or promotional items, in-kind assistance or facility discounts.


The Town is pleased to recognize deserving organizations, businesses, and individuals with the following awards: