The Town of Riverview continues to actively monitor the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, and is following the recommendations of public health officials.

For all Town updates regarding the COVID-19 situation please click here.

Riverview Town Hall

The Town of Riverview is divided into four wards with a Councillor elected to represent each ward, plus there are three Councillors elected at large. Town Councillors represent the ward in which they live and are elected by citizens of that ward. Councillors-at-large are elected to represent the town as a whole. All councillors are elected for a four-year term, and all are committed to making Riverview the best place to live it can be.

Consult the Ward Map if you are unsure of your ward or your Councillor.

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Mayor Ann Seamans
Councillor Tammy Rampersaud
At Large
Councillor Andrew J. LeBlanc
Deputy Mayor
Councillor Cecile Cassista
At Large
Councillor Jeremy Thorne
Ward 3
Councillor John Coughlan
Ward 2
Councillor Lana  Hansen
Ward 1
Councillor Wayne Bennett
Ward 4
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