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Active Transportation

On foot, bike, skateboard or wheelchair—when you choose to get around by your own human power, you’re choosing active transportation. And when you choose active transportation, you benefit yourself and your community in many ways. Of course, you do your body good when you design exercise into your day. But you also decrease congestion on Town roads, minimize damage to Town streets (heavy motorized traffic is much harder on road surfaces, and requires more maintenance), and act as a model of sustainability to others. As a community that values active living, the Town of Riverview encourages active transportation through programs and Town infrastructure.

Bike Lanes

The Town of Riverview began installing bike lanes in 2013, and continues to invest in new ones. Explore the route map and learn best practices for sharing the road.


Bike route signage and orientation markings (wayfinding) link neighbourhoods and provide direction along trails and routes.

What is a reserved bike lane?

A bike lane is a dedicated portion of the roadway for use by cyclists.

What does a bike lane look like?

A bike lane looks like a lane separated from traffic lanes by the use of a solid white line on the pavement and typically measures a minimum of 1.5 m in width. Repeated within the lane are large white bicycle and diamond pavement markings.

Why use bike lanes?

Bike lanes give cyclists their own, dedicated space on the road, helping most people feel safer about cycling on Town streets.