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Roads and Parking

Whether you choose to drive or get around primarily by active transportation, Riverview’s road and street infrastructure is critical. The movement of people, goods, tourists, and emergency vehicles depend on a well-planned and well-maintained road network. And getting around by human power—such as bicycle, skateboard, or on foot—still demands a street and sidewalk network that is complete and maintained.

The Engineering & Public Works Department is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of approximately 130 kilometres of street network and 38 kilometres of concrete sidewalk within Town limits. The Department approves any new street construction, whether a subdivision or new commercial, residential, or institutional development.

Did You Know?

  • The Town keeps all 130 km of streets and 38 km of sidewalks and trails free of snow and ice during winter.
  • It takes four to five hours to plow and salt the entire Town once.
  • It costs approximately $44,000 a month to power Riverview's 2,100+ street lights, crosswalks, and traffic control lights.
Engineering and Public Works